Geo Data

I love geospatial data, cartography, GPS, GIS, mapping, etc... Here I am compiling a collection of such data collected on my own as well as other intersting sources. A lot of these data are used for my previous and current work, as well as for some future work.

KML Data


These are waypoints recorded with my phone's gps, used for mapping.


These are tracks recorded with my phone's gps while travelling. I use several of these for mapping.


This section currently includes only aerial pictures of Thulhaadhoo after the recent reclamation. I plan to add more pictures soon.


These are maps made of track lines and waypoints. These maps were created by walking around the island/place with my phone's GPS and tracking application turned on. For a list of applications I use, see the apps section below.

Google Maps

Here is a list of some markable events in Google Maps for Maldives region.

Atoll Maps

This section has maps of all the administrative atolls in Maldives, arranged as they lie.

Live Weather Data

Near real-time satellite photos of world weather data, from SSEC. These images are updated every few minutes.

Apps I use

Below is a list of some of the softwares I use for obtaining geo data amongst others.


Below are links of several geo resources including online file format converters.