Read Dhivehi without fonts

Some websites published in Dhivehi uses an old method of using CSS or <font> tag to substitute ASCII characters to Dhivehi font using fonts installed in the user's computer. The most common example of such a website is Haveeru Online. As this method relies on fonts installed in the user's computer, if the specific fonts (used by the website) are not installed on the user's computer, ASCII characters (English characters) are displayed instead of Dhivehi characters. Websites (and webmasters) who use this method of displaying Dhivehi, is relatively less, and almost no new websites in Dhivehi, use this method anymore. However, the relatively less number of such sites (specially Haveeru Online) has led me into this.

Technically, this method is not an issue if you are using your own computer or a computer which has the specific fonts installed. However, imagine if you are using your office computer or a public computer, in which you cannot install fonts due to limited privileges or whatsoever. I had, personally, been in such situations which led me to compile the below methods to overcome this issue of not being able to install fonts.


Add any of the below bookmarklets to your browser as favourites or into the bookmarks bar of the browser. Load the website and then click the bookmarklet to do the magic.

  • Insert Dhivehi Fonts - This method uses a recent web technology called web fonts, which downloads the required fonts from a web server (currently my server) and use it to display the current web page. All this is done automagically once you click on the bookmarklet.
  • Page to Unicode Thaana - Another such bookmarklet which uses fancy Javascript and RegEx to substitute English Characters with unicode Dhivehi characters. Credit: Jaa.

Any further changes done to these bookmarklets would be mentioned here on this web page. So, please check back here if your bookmarklets are not working. You could also contact me for any further questions or help.

Dhivehi Fonts

The other way around is, of course, installing Dhivehi fonts. Most Dhivehi websites seem to include a zip file or font installer containing required Dhivehi fonts for that website. Here, I am providing a collection of various Dhivehi fonts commonly used, in 2 different formats for you to download.