v9.50 New Version of Online Nandroid

Today I released a new version of Online Nandroid. The version number is v9.50. This is a point five release which does not have significant new changes. However, there are some new changes and lots of bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added: LED notification for Samsung Galaxy Relay 4G.
  • Added: Ability to manually specify device ID for TWRP (-ds flag).
  • Added: modem partition backup (partition letter q).
  • Added: TA partition backup (partition letter v).
  • Added: Support for Action CPUs.
  • Improved: Space calculation.
  • Improved: Merged boot partition letter for different devices.
  • Bug Fix: Replace mode deletes old backup if not enough space.
  • Bug Fix: Wrong sd-ext detection on some devices.
  • Bug Fix: Partition size calculation on emmc devices.
  • Bug Fix: Slow file listing in TWRP mode on some devices.